Be smart and reduce memory footprint and gain in usability in Google Chrome

About Smart Tab Saver Chrome Extension

The Problem

As we use the browser, with each tab we open, we make the system to reserve memory for that tab. It is usual, after a while, to end with a lot of tabs, having:

  • A lot of memory reserved for tabs that are not being used, starting the browser to get slow and having less memory for the system.
  • The problem of not distinguish between tabs because the title does not appear and in some cases, neither the icon.
  • Not being able to see even the tabs in the tab-bar of Chrome
The image below is a typical example of what Smart Tab Saver tries to avoid:

The Solution

Smart Tab Saver is here to avoid this! Watching over those tabs for you. But, What exactly Smart Tab Saver does for you?

  • Automatically save any address you go just in case you close accidentally a tab. There is a history of three days, if you need more than three days, you always have the navigator native history.
  • Automatically closes any tab that has not been accessed in a customizable time interval. This is the best not only to do not spent too much memory, also to gain space in your tab bar, allowing a better experience having only the tabs you really are intersested in. By default (customizable), Smart Tab Saver will close any non-accessed in 10 minutes tab if we have more tab than 15. You may be thinking perhaps if Smart Tab Saver allows to customize the closing, the response is yes, you have these options to configure:
    • Disable tab content. This saves less memory than closing the tab but allows to still have the tab in the tab-bar.
    • Suspend the tab. This saves more memory than disabling the content option and also, does not close the tab. In this case tab is completelly disabled, not just content and it is Chrome that automatically re-enables the Tab once is selected from the tab-bar.
    • Do nothing. As the name says, Smart Tab Saver willl do nothing whith the Tab once should be closed, disabled or suspended.
  • Automatically synchronizes data and configuration. This makes does not matter in which computer you install the extension, you will always have ready your configuration and saved sessions.

There are other things that Smart Tab Saver offers:

  • Save a set of URLs (Tabs) with a name, to create a session. This is very useful to group similar URLs or work sessions. Sessions does not expire after three days, like history, so you will have always them available.
  • Lock/Un-Lock pages. If you do not want a page or tab to be closed, no matter the number of tabs are opened, just "Lock" that tab! It is very simple, just right click on a page and select "Lock" from Smart Tab Saver menu. When you do not need anymore that page or tab, you can un-lock in the same way you locked it.

You can have an idea of what Smart Tab Saver can offer by looking the below screenshot:

Why Smart Tab Saver over other solutions?

Because current solutions do not guarantee a clean tab-bar, saving in memory is not always all. Smart Tab Saver is the only one that besides having what others have, takes care really of you, in browser usability terms, never having more opened tabs than you should really need, ensuring that you never will end up with more tabs than you can discern or manage. Also because is based in navigator usage experience by users that have been using actual solutions that yes, offers what they say but do not fully fulfill user requirements. So, if you want an smart "all-in-one" Tab Saving improved extension to have more memory available, a clean tab-bar, and a better Chrome user experience, Smart Tab Saver is your extension.


Finally Smart tab Saver is published. It has been hard but we have learned a lot doing it. You can try it and download in the Chrome Web Store.
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Synchronization Explained

Synchronization lets you have all your saved sessions in any PC with Smart Tab Saver installed. It is easy to configure and to get it running.

First at all, Smart Tab Saver needs to know an e-mail address, is required in order to activate your account and send your private unique "token" string, with this "token" we ensure your data is only accessed by you.
And do not worry about giving us your e-mail address, we only are going to use it to send the account activation and "token" e-mails. No third party companies are going to have your address, only Smart Tab Saver.

How it works

  • Open Smart Tab Saver extension configuration.
  • Go to "Synchronization" section and set your e-mail and save options. An account confirmation e-mail is sent to the address.
  • Follow the received confirmation e-mail to activate your account. Once done, a new e-mail with the synchronization token is received.
  • Go to Smart Tab Saver extension configuration again and set the received token in the "token" parameter of "Synchronization" section and save options again.
  • It is done! You can close and open configuration to look at the bottom of the window, you will see and "activated" message. (you can also hit "check status" link)


Whenever you change the e-mail in the configuration and save, Smart Tab Saver tries to register the e-mail into Smart Tab Saver synchronization system.

Change Log

  • [09-04-2018] v1.2.0 Fixed an issue with the configuration panel.
  • [07-04-2018] v1.1.9 Now you can save all opened tabs as a session from Smart Tab Saver extension main page "More..." menu. We had before "Historize all tabs" but after using it for a while, I realised that in some cases was useful to be able to store all tabs, automatically, in a session with a name.
  • [30-03-2018] v1.1.8 Removed some non useful notifications. Removed sound when a tab is closed.
  • [11-02-2018] v1.1.6 Synchronization method last changes to get working fine. Status of synchronization can now be seen. New "Help" section on the web.
  • [09-02-2018] v1.1.5 Synchronization method change. After some changes to data synchronization model, we could not get exactly what we need so we decide to change the way it was getting done. Now, to maintain your session data between Smart Tab Saver installations, you must create an account, by setting an e-mail in options, once saved your configuration, a confirmation e-mail is sent. Once you have confirmed your account, you can start using the received private user token to get your data synchronized with Smart Tab Saver server.
  • [03-02-2018] v1.1.4 Improvements to synchronization process and minor changes.
  • [02-02-2018] v1.1.3
    • Closing action now is a menu where you can select the desired action.
    New features:
    • Now you can open the extension with "Alt+S" keyboard shortcut.
  • [02-02-2018] v1.1.2 Fix when closing tabs. Active tab was being closed.
  • [01-02-2018] v1.1.1
    Some fixes:
    • Issues closing restored tabs.
    • Issues with the option of deleting URLs after saving them in a session.
    Some changes:
    • Improvements in the synchronization when getting data.
  • [01-02-2018] v1.1 Fixes with tab closing.

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